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Who wore it best? Or worst? Or however you want to feel about it?

  1. wearethedaze reblogged this from fashioncrazysouthica
  2. beazzzzzzzzzz10 answered: Willow Smith of course my future bff
  3. prettydeeper answered: miley
  4. funkybunnyz answered: rosie, but i still love them all
  5. ohlovelygeek answered: Rosie!
  6. lost-in-sass-bitch-spn answered: The Angel wore it best.
  7. afterallthistime--always13 answered: willow its THE WORST! the miley and Rosi it’s sooo beautiful
  8. unt1tl3d-o answered: MILEY CYRUS
  9. caitor-gator answered: Rosie, by far.
  10. yesjayson answered: willow&miley
  11. positivelyin4thstreet answered: Miley!
  12. modelfuckingland answered: First Place: Rosie
  13. dis-illusioning answered: Rosie :)
  14. papayapie answered: Miley Best
  15. youaresobeautiful3 answered: miley the best than rosie. and im sorry but willow was the worst
  16. ca-rson answered: Miley wore it best…
  17. fashioncrazysouthica posted this

All things fashion. 'Nuf said.

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